What is nicolasix.com ? This is my personal blog. It’s where I post stories and thoughts and, increasingly, a bit of fiction. I am either a real person, or a made-up character. Either way, I’m the subject of this blog. Can you tell me any more about you? Of course. I’m David, but I sometimes go by “rothko.” I write and take photos. And develop web for money. Without music, I would cry a lot. I read books far less than I used to, and I blame that on these here Internets. This site is named after a female fictional character. I am not female, but I am sometimes fictional. I believe grits and coffee are divine gifts from God. I sometimes wish I had a sandbox to play in. I’m a fan of these three letters: IPA. (In that order.) Some have suggested that these three letters best describe me: OCD. Driving makes me angry. I’m married to somebody who believes in me. I’m lucky that she’s delusional.